25 Sep - 21 May

Amsterdam Museum presents three Amsterdam subjects


New exhibition from September 25.

Club RoXY, the Bijlmer plane crash and the housing crisis. Three subjects that have shaped the city of Amsterdam are the themes of the exhibition ‘Collecting the City’. In this second edition, the Amsterdam Museum ‘collects’ the city of Amsterdam together with neighborhood museums, networks, local artists and enthusiastic residents. The three topics speak for themselves, if you know Amsterdam or are an Amsterdammer:

  • Ode to Zubrowka, the Muse of Club RoXY Never been to Club RoXY? Or would you like to return? Come to the new exhibition and experience the RoXY through the eyes of in-house photographer Cleo Campert.
  • 30 years Bijlmer plane crash Where were you on October 4, 1992? Many Amsterdammers remember this as if it were yesterday. A traumatic day. Keep remembering and commemorating together in ’30 years Bijlmer air disaster – Commemorating in Generations’.
  • Operation Housing From the present, we look back on a century of Amsterdam’s residential culture and zoom in on the current housing crisis. See the development of housing situations in four different Amsterdam neighbourhoods.

Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51