3 Jan - 23 Jan

Amsterdam Light Festival; you can always go for a walk


The 10th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival will take place until January 23, 2022. Unfortunately, there are no organized activities due to the corona measures. Self-walking or sailing is allowed. The lights stay on, from 5pm to 10pm to illuminate the city. The organization asks everyone to adhere to the current Covid-19 measures. The lights are turned off if it is too crowded.

The road map
Are you planning to go hiking or go boating yourself? With the Roadmap you get all the locations and descriptions of the artworks. On this page you can find more information about activating the card: link.


  • The maximum group size is 2 people for hiking and pleasure boats (excluding households).
  • The 1,5 meter distance rule applies at all times.
  • The use of the Roadmap is permitted.
  • The use of the Audiotour is allowed
  • There are no commercial boating experiences or organized guided tours until January 14.
  • The information points are closed until 14 January.
  • The artwork ‘Light a Wish’ is out until January 14.
  • If it is too crowded, more or even all the lights go out.

The twenty most special, inspiring and popular light artworks from the past nine editions adorn quays, bridges and squares, mostly in and around De Plantage. The theme is ‘Celebrate Light’. In addition to the twenty highlights, new works have also been created (e.g. through educational projects) and attention is paid to social issues. In this way, the organization wants to celebrate 10 years of the Amsterdam Light Festival together with the city, residents and visitors.

Amsterdam Light Festival, until January 23, 2022