4 Oct - 31 Oct

A better world starts with microbes


Discover what microbes do for a cleaner planet throughout October

Food shortages, climate change, environmental pollution, a scarcity of raw materials. We live in a time that is crying out for change. Fortunately, microbes help us with all kinds of sustainable solutions. From October 4 to 31, visitors to Micropia will discover which smart solutions microbes can use to secure our future. From healthier food and green biofuels, to circular materials, clean drinking water and less waste. “This temporary exhibition shows the endless possibilities of microbes. In this way we hope to make our visitors aware of the importance of this smallest life on earth”, says Jasper Buikx responsible for ARTIS-Micropia. “With the power of the invisible life, we can do almost anything!”

Fungus Slippers
It is estimated that more than 95 percent of all living things are made up of microbes. They are at the beginning and end of every food chain, produce more than half of the oxygen in our atmosphere, recycle almost everything, and keep animals and plants healthy by living in symbiosis with them. Microbes are not only essential in our past and present, they are also indispensable for our future. From algae fuel and bacterial plastic, to fungal slippers and a soil improver made from elephant manure. During the exhibition, Micropia is full of sustainable applications with microbes.

Smart microbes at home and in the classroom
During the temporary exhibition ‘A better world starts with microbes’, each child will be given their own set of experiments to take home after the visit. They can then use a number of online tutorials to make their own sustainable microbes visible at home. Micropia has also developed unique educational material for school classes with which students from group 6 to 6 vwo discover everything about the endless possibilities of microbes for a better future.

ARTIS-Micropia, Plantage Kerklaan 38-40