1 Sep

15-year anniversary Pakhuis De Zwijger: New Amsterdam Agreement 2022 –2030


Pakhuis de Zwijger is delighted to finally be able to welcome you again in their location from September. With the season opening program they not only look back and forward, but also celebrate their 15th anniversary. So double party!

A great opportunity to get inspired and join the conversation about some interesting and important topics.

Season opening program 2021-2022 , From Wednesday 1st until Friday 3rd September, start at 8 p.m. on location and as livecast, free admission.

1st of September : New Amsterdam Agreement 2022-2030
Director of Pakhuis de Zwijger: Egbert Fransen kicks off the program and looks at what awaits them this year. For example, on the way to the municipal elections next year March, they are working together on the development of the New Amsterdam Agreement 2022 – 2030.

With an even greater focus on a sustainable, inclusive, healthy, safe city of, for and by everyone!

2nd of September: Next Generation 2030 – 2050
On this second day, together with young people they reflect on growing up in an eventful period. In addition to the global pandemic, several social and political events of historic magnitude have occurred in recent times. They put a dot on the horizon and discuss the coming decades. A time with many opportunities and possibilities, but also with new large and complex social tasks.

3rd of September: Space and place for all stories from the city
The city is a huge collection of stories – from and about the past, the present and through great imagination also of and about tomorrow. On this third day, there will be a stage for creative expressions and beautiful stories, and they will talk about the importance of fringes, breeding grounds, festival grounds and the rich night culture where you can experiment. Precisely those places where stories can be conceived, developed, and told.

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