4 Feb - 27 Aug

New in Hermitage; Rembrandt & contemporaries

No less than thirty-five paintings from The Leiden Collection, one of the largest private collections of 17th-...


1 Jan - 5 Feb

Exhibition in Kriterion, and films of course

A new exhibition with work by Mike Megens can be seen in the foyer; the whole month of January Mike Megens (19...


17 Dec - 5 Feb

Morningstar– Frank Noordman's lamps

The title of the new exhibition in Outsider Art Galerie, Morningstar, refers to: a person who goes looking for...


1 Dec - 18 Mar

Rembrandt House closed; experience Rembrandt in the city and...

Museum Rembrandthuis wants to inspire the world with Rembrandt and everything related to him. Now that the mus...


7 Nov - 7 May

Exhibition about the relationship between humans and plastic

In The Tropenmuseum Amsterdam you can visit the exhibition The Plastic Crush; one of the first exhibits on the...


16 Oct - 12 Mar

Maasdamme collection in Amsterdam museum

The exhibition The Maasdamme Collection can be seen in the Amsterdam Museum. The collection of dioramas by Rit...


25 Sep - 21 May

Amsterdam Museum presents three Amsterdam subjects

New exhibition from September 25. Club RoXY, the Bijlmer plane crash and the housing crisis. Three subjects th...


23 Sep - 5 Mar

Photo exhibition Jewish life in Berlin

The exhibition Zerheilt – Photo fragments of Berlin can be seen in the Jewish Museum from September 23. On dis...


22 Sep - 27 Aug

Exhibition '31553580; (obsession) for Numbers & Schedule...

When the world is chaotic and elusive – such as during a pandemic – we as humans try to get a grip on reality ...


22 Sep - 30 Aug

Order in the chaos; call for entries new exhibition Museum o...

When the world is chaotic and elusive, such as during a pandemic, people try to get a grip on reality by reduc...



8 Feb

Knowledge café: cultural representation of animal species

The knowledge cafés at Groenpunt020 are always about nature and/or education and let you look at the world aro...


25 Feb

February strike commemoration

It is almost time for the annual commemoration of the February Strike on the Jonas Daniël Meijerplein. Soon th...


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29 Jan

National Holocaust Remembrance at Spiegelmonument

On Sunday, January 29, 2023, the Dutch Auschwitz Committee will organize the annual National Holocaust Commemo...


29 Jan

Walk along forgotten stories after the Holocaust commemorati...

A theatrical walk following the National Holocaust Remembrance On January 29, following the commemoration, The...


27 Jan - 29 Jan

The National Garden Bird Count

Take half an hour for nature, on the last weekend of January; are you in? On Friday 27, Saturday 28 or Sunday ...


23 Jan

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2023 together with GASSAN

On Monday, January 23, GASSAN celebrates Chinese New Year at GASSAN Dam Square store in collaboration with YIP...


21 Jan

That's how you will become happy!

And as a Plantage neighbour, you do have a chance to win a free collection of poems… January 16 is Blue Monday...


17 Jan

New Year's reception Buurtorganisatie 1018 and others

New Year's reception 2023 on Tuesday 17 JanuaryNieuwjaarsreceptie 2023 op dinsdag 17 januariBuurtorganisatie 1...


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1 Jan - 31 Jan

Fun things to do in January

Whether it's still Christmas holidays, or further into January; there is a lot to experience in De Plantage! U...


24 Dec

Christmas Light Path in Oosterpark

In the evening of December 24, Oosterpark will feature a path lit up with hundreds of lights that takes visito...


24 Dec - 8 Jan

Cozy Christmas holiday program in National Maritime Museum

You can of course celebrate a two-week holiday in the National Maritime Museum, where it is warm and cosy! Tog...


Het Scheepvaartmuseum

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24 Dec - 8 Jan

To ARTIS during the Christmas holidays

There is so much fun to experience in ARTIS during the Christmas holidays! Do you want to watch the stars? Rid...