About us

This website is a Plantage neighbourhood network initiative.


Every business, society, institution, organisation or collective located in the Plantage is welcome to join. Together we aim to create a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood which is pleasant to live in, where everyone benefits from what the neighbourhood can offer. To achieve this we have drawn up a Neighbourhood Manifesto.


Using our network to share knowledge and experience, we work together and exploit opportunities to develop the neighbourhood as a whole. We have three principal goals:

• Sustainability (by combining refuse management, energy purchase and transport).

• Location promotion (via the website, neighbourhood newsletter, local map, advertising and PR).

• Networking (Chainels digital platform, via newsletter, network and theme meetings) As of 2020, our network has around 60 members, including nineteen cultural institutions, three neighbourhood associations, 28 businesses (hotels, café restaurants and retail shops) and ten other organisations and institutions.

Expanding to 100 members

We anticipate expanding to 100 members in 2020. Join the network or start by checking out our neighbourhood pamphlet outlining the neighbourhood manifesto and the many membership benefits. Click on the circle in the centre for a print size text.